Come out, come out, little Monsters

Kigurumi Amigurumi Monsters

Meet Kigurumi Monsters


Quiet class!! …Ehem, we have new friends today. They are from the Llamallama-Ville, and… hmm? Would you like to introduce yourselves? Go for it.


Dino the Kigurumi Amigurumi Llama


“…Hello. My name is Dino. I am a llamallama. and love wearing my dinosaur costume.”


Crabby the Kigurumi Amigurumi Llama


“…Hello. My name is Crabby…and, and I forgot what I want t o say…”


Kameta the Kigurumi Amigurumi Llama


“My name is Kameta, and I’m volunteer Park Squirrel Ranger. My work involves collecting nuts, comforting them by playing hide and seek, and night patrol to control fights between opossums and squirrels. If you are interested to join, talk to me after the class. If you join right now, you can get freeĀ  Park Squirrel Ranger button. Oh, I forgot. I am a vegetarian.”

…Thank you very much. That was interesting introduction. Okay, class. Be nice to them!!