June Events!!


Oooh! Studio Llama Llama has LOTS event this month!

First. On June 16th, 3 P.M. till 10 P.M., Shangri-La at the Pier in Jersey City.

Shangri_La 2012 Poster

Aggghhhh! Giant octopus in Hudson River!!!!

…Don’t be alarmed. No octopus attack I promise.

Just good music, awesome food + drink, and amazing Jersey City folks.

That’s all.

No. There’s more.

Don’t forget incredible art + craft booths! …including ME, Studio Llama Llama.

All the mofu mofu nuku nuku amigurumi will be waiting for you!

For more information:

4th Street Arts



following Saturday, June 23rd.

4th Annual Not Yo Mama’s Blowout Bash!!!


This is my FAVORITE event. I am just so happy to be the part of this.

Again. Good music, awesome food+drink, and amazing Jersey City folks.

No. No purple giraffe will be there.

More information is here! Just click it.